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Reader x Levi Ackerman
The sounds of its footsteps clashed with the battle cries of the cadets.
The cadets' breath intermingling with the pants, clashes and swish movements of their swift weapons.
No words can explain every one of the human beings' panic.
Only three coherent words were able to be deciphered throughout the battlefield in [Y/N]'s mind: panic has arisen.
Breathing normally had become difficult for [Y/N] who tried to reduce the number of deaths.
The titans had begun swarming the premises and the squads, although stricken with fear and panic, tried their best to reduce the presence of titans; their predator in the area to avoid anymore damage that can be irreparable after death in the list.
Using the 3D-maneuver gear, [Y/N] unsheathed her swords and slashed fiercely on to the 10-meter titan's nape of the neck.
Landing almost carelessly on the rooftop due to the lack of energy she had left, she panted.
'Breath in, breath out.' [Y/N] reminded herself.
She looked aroun
:iconunicornkingdom:UnicornKingdom 19 0
Imagine: danisnotonfire x Reader
Imagine: walking in on Phil giving Dan advice on how to ask you out.
You’d been living with Dan and Phil for a little while now.  Almost a month.  Though you hadn’t really settled in yet.  Most of the time you needed their help looking for something.  You’d been fired from your job and when Phil found out he insisted you move in with them to help you out.  And everyday you were grateful and never wanted to ask them for anything again.  But at the moment you really needed help finding some bank statements.
“Phiil!” you heard Dan whine as you got closer to the living room.  His child- like voice made you smile.
“What?” Phil responded, “You asked for my advice and I gave it to you.  Would you prefer I talked you out of it?”
“Yes!” Dan shouted
You heard Phil groan.  “Look Dan, you like her a lot, so you should just tell her that.  And even if she doesn’t feel the
:iconmsdeaththekid:MsDeathTheKid 316 129
Worrisome Heart (Levi X Reader)
~A/N: PLEASE Listen As You Read!
Includes Slight Sexual Content. All Characters Are Over The Age Of 20.~

I need a hand with my worrisome heart
    You stood silently by the window, arms crossed over your chest as you trained your gaze onto his figure in the darkness.
    Although he stood in the shadows, the pale moonlight trickling into the room contoured his body perfectly, revealing the dips and curves of his muscular abdomen and the way his arms flexed with even the smallest movement. The locks hanging over his forehead represented a colour so black it was blue, and the ashen grey his eyes usually shone became a reflective sterling silver. His brows knitted together ever so slightly with concentration, enough to still keep his permanent stoic expression, yet simultaneously enough for you to notice. He was a man that would have awed Thor, and all he was doing was folding the shirt he had previously pulled
:icongreystream:Greystream 118 42
Neko Levi x Reader
It was a normal day in HQ, everything was peaceful. The sun was setting creating beautiful orange, pink, and red streaks in the sky. The birds were ciphering........something was off. It could not be this peaceful. You walk towards Hanji's office delivering some paperwork before heading to bed. You raise your hand to knock on the door but you hear glass break and Hanji yelp in pain.
You quickly open the door and enter her office.
"Hanji are you o-" you are cut off by a black cat jumping in your arms and hooks it's nails onto your chest making you yelp as you try to shake the cat off you.
"Oh Y/N thank god help me put him into this!" Hanji says as she lifts up a small pink bow with a big smile on her face. As she is reaching out for the cat that is still in your arms it hisses at claws her hand.
"Um Hanji i don't think he likes you very much." You say as you pet the black cat,at first it moves away hissing but once your hand scratches behind its ears it purrs as it tilts its head toward
:iconminimilove:MinimiLove 16 4
Lone Wolves (Lon'qu x Archer!Reader)

Arrow after arrow buries into the straw practice dummy, making it jerk with each blow. You mechanically reach over your shoulder into your quiver, nocking an arrow with movements so automatic you don't even register doing them. Your body is taut with outrage as you loose another arrow, hitting the crude man-shaped effigy straight in the center. Your fingers are aching, legs and back straining with the effort of standing in one place for so long, but you reach for another arrow, seething with indignation. How dare he? How dare he?
The image of the stoic swordsman’s face flickers in your mind's eyes- his own eyes cool and remote as he turned to you, his expression seeming to size you up, judge you and find you sorely lacking.
The truth was, there was a certain amount of intrigue Feroxi swordsman- the stoic man who was Basilio's personal champion, renowned for his swordsmanship, yet he possessed a strange aversion to women- even being near one seem
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 195 33
The Needle - Punk!Levi x Reader - (College AU)
It was one of those lazy days that you loved, the kind that meant you could lounge around in your underwear, your boyfriends oversized AC/DC tee keeping your top half covered. The man himself was laying beside you in bed, his usual scowl replaced by a relaxed expression as he slept. It was unlike him to sleep this late into the morning, but it was Saturday and let's just say the night before had been very… tiring.
A small blush lit up your cheeks as you thought about the night before. Laying a hand on his well toned chest, you snuggled closer to the sleeping man.
Levi was a funny person, and not in the “Ha ha, you're so hilarious” sort of way, though, he did have his moments. He was cold, moody, covered in all sorts of tattoos and piercings that came with a foul mouth and a bad attitude, but it was all those things that made you love him, and you wouldn't have changed him for the world.
Sitting up a little, using your arm as support, you leaned forward so that your fa
:iconfanatickyojin:FanaticKyojin 106 11
Phuong My FW15 by zemotion Phuong My FW15 :iconzemotion:zemotion 1,502 50 Sakuran. by zemotion Sakuran. :iconzemotion:zemotion 10,996 512 of the Night. II by zemotion of the Night. II :iconzemotion:zemotion 9,931 679 of the Night. by zemotion of the Night. :iconzemotion:zemotion 18,552 1,428 Luna. by zemotion Luna. :iconzemotion:zemotion 15,622 44 of the Night: A Dream of You by zemotion of the Night: A Dream of You :iconzemotion:zemotion 34,071 1,799 Sakuran. II by zemotion Sakuran. II :iconzemotion:zemotion 21,337 865
Takumi x Reader |Shortcomings|
The moment he hears your voice, the muscles in his body stiffen. His mind is blank, the task he was currently attending to long forgotten. Takumi blinks, awakening from his brief stupor. With the threat of your footsteps approaching, he doesn't waste another second, before he breaks out into a sprint in the opposite direction.
You reach out towards him, body aching. Finally, you come to a stop, hands resting on your thighs. Focusing on Takumi's retreating figure, you're stuck between feeling aggravation and despair. Your chest continues to heave, lungs desperate the air it so desperately needs.
"Dammit!" you exclaim, uncaring if anyone overhears.
No longer was Takumi in your line of vision. You can only imagine that he's some place far away, continuing this cruel game of avoidance. You plop onto the ground, hugging your knees to your chest. 'Why on earth is he so skittish? He's like a meerkat. Hiding away at any sign of danger.'
It was his fault. That's what you decide
:iconattackonfanfiction:Attackonfanfiction 118 25
Private Quarters - Takumi x Reader {One-shot}
“Geez—I don’t have the free time to do this.”
You stared up into your companion’s face, exasperation surely drifting over yours; you’d taken the time to congregate with your maids and butlers, construct entirely new buildings on your castle grounds, recruits a few prisoners, finally go back to your quarters to rest, and Takumi is the one complaining about having no time?
“My ass,” you thought aloud, earning a couple of flustered blinks from the Hoshidan prince. Takumi’s long hair swished about as he avoided your gaze, a frown playing at the lines between his eyes.
“What makes you say that?” Indignance laced his voice, but the posture your dear prince beheld was anything but. Unconsciously, you reached out and fiddled with the ends of Takumi’s silkily soft hair, other hand maneuvering to smooth the crinkle in his brow.
“It’s almost midnight. There can’t possibly be anything for you to do but
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 194 32
restful. | takumi
takumi x reader
After a long day of strenuous training with Ryouma, all you wanted to do was sleep. Your muscles ached and your head was pounding; you could’ve sworn your body was covered head to toe in bruises.
The walk to your quarters seemed to take forever. You trudged up the stairs and nearly face planted into the hardwood floor once you got inside.
It was oddly quiet in the room as you peeled the armour from your body and slipped into a more comfortable attire. Usually your husband, Takumi, was right there to greet you if he wasn’t training as well. Sometimes he would surprise you with sweet gestures like your favourite freshly brewed tea or an offer to go down to the hot springs together.
There was a dim glow of an illuminated oil lamp from the bedside table. You could see the faint outline of your husband’s relaxed body on the bed. The light highlighted certain features of his peaceful countenance, including his soft grey locks
:iconsleepyheroprince:sleepyheroprince 111 36


I have had my 3ds for a while but you know just thought I'd put out my friend code in case anyone wants to be my friend...

Name: Gracie 
Code: 4399-0483-7144


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